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    Ajay’s Nursery Inc. can provide all of your landscaping needs, from grading and topsoil to landscape lighting and more! We always offer top-notch services at the most affordable rates.


    Expert Landscaping in Indianapolis

    Increase the beauty and value of your property with landscaping concepts from Ajay’s Nursery in Indianapolis. Our professional landscapers offer renovations and designs, as well as lawn maintenance. Whether you need irrigation, outside lighting, mulch, topsoil or hydroseeding, we can handle your project and give you landscape elements you desire.
    If your new or existing landscape needs to be graded and leveled, contact us for answers. Ajay’s Nursery can smooth out uneven areas, remove rocks, smooth out dirt piles and shape your earth to form slopes or hills. We work on commercial or residential properties, including fine grading for new construction. Our commitment is to helping each client achieve a landscaping area that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Sod and Hydroseeding Service

    As part of our landscaping service, Ajay’s Nursery routinely works with clients on sod installation and topsoil maintenance. A new sodding application produces an instant lawn and is something we provide year round. Hydroseeding is a technique that uniformly distributes seeds and fertilizer to create a sustainable, high-quality lawn that looks attractive.
    In order to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy even during dry weather, it's essential to have adequate irrigation in place. Ajay’s Nursery offers expert irrigation system installation and we help clients maintain their watering devices. For all of your landscaping, lawn maintenance, ground cover and sprinkler system installation needs, turn to a landscaping company you can trust. For service in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville and Fishers, please give us a call at (317) 897-8431.

    Landscape Maintenance

    Professional Landscape
    Maintenance in Indianapolis

    ​At Ajay’s Nursery, we take great strides to give Indianapolis residents a fantastic landscape maintenance experience, regardless of project size. With us, you'll be protecting the value of your property while maintaining a lawn that looks green and healthy. We're also experts in plant installation, tree pruning, shrub planting and mulching to ensure a perfect landscape you can be proud of.
    Having your trees pruned regularly can help them live longer and retain a natural, pleasing appearance. Tree pruning encourages better air movement to reduce the chance of wind damage or disease. Tree trimming also removes dangerous or unhealthy limbs that may be a hazard in inclement weather. Let us develop a pruning program to safeguard your trees.

    Meticulous Care of Your Landscaping

    Ajay’s Nursery is also proud to offer our clients complete mulching service. The application of mulch is a great way of adding uniformity to any landscape and should be replenished annually for best results. Prior to installation, our crews carefully remove unsightly weeds from your property. Mulch also retains moisture effectively and prevents new weeds from growing.
    To really beautify your lawn or garden, consult with us about shrub pruning and flower planting. We'll help you choose from shrubs or plants that can add a unique element to your landscape design. Our pros understand how to make your garden flourish and survive with superior planting and lawn fertilization methods. For service in Greenwood, Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville or Fishers, please give us a call at (317) 897-8431 today.

    Landscape Design

    Creative Landscape

    Design in Indianapolis

    If you're ready to have the outstanding yard you've always wanted in Indianapolis, come to Ajay’s Nursery to turn your landscape design visions into reality. We make ordinary lawn and garden areas dazzling and functional, and we'll design a yard to suit your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. Our team works closely with each client to ensure great-looking, innovative, custom landscaping.
    Contacting us for a consultation is the first step to a beautiful landscape. We'll have a knowledgeable designer assess your property and determine the concept you'd like to achieve. Any landscape master plan is based on the goals of each customer and their budget. There can also be upkeep concerns, which is why we include maintenance options so that your yard or garden stays looking beautiful throughout the entire year.

    Our Experienced Designer Brings Your Ideas to Life

    Choosing the right shrubs, flowers and trees to complement your outside area requires the skills of an experienced landscape designer. After the hardscape part of your project is completed, we'll help you find shrubbery and plants. Our landscapers will then professionally install your new garden to your liking. Going the extra mile with top-quality work and client support is what places us well above the competition.
    Ajay’s Nursery is a customer-focused lawn and garden company that delivers excellent installation and maintenance services. We can install irrigation systems, water features, landscape lighting, sprinklers and much more. Our affordable landscapes add beauty and value to home properties, and we take pride in our unique outdoor environments.
    To learn more, please call (317) 897-8431 today. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding communities of Carmel, Noblesville, Greenwood, Zionsville and Fishers.

    Hardscape Design

    Hardscape Design in Indianapolis

    For beautiful hardscape designs in Indianapolis, including the latest in water features, turn to the pros at Ajay’s Nursery for unparalleled craftsmanship. We offer a wide variety of exciting landscape plans that allow you to incorporate fountains, waterfalls, koi ponds or other waterscapes to turn your outside area into a dazzling water garden.
    To ensure having the ultimate in outdoor entertainment on your property, you may want to consider the addition of a fire pit. Our designers can construct fire pit hardscapes that look professional and deliver a feeling of warmth to any backyard and they're perfect for outside grilling parties with friends or family.

    We Offer Retaining Walls and Deck Building Too!

    If you have uneven terrain, a great solution is installing retaining walls to enhance the appearance and strength of your garden. Our expert landscapers can construct a stone, block or timber wall to transform unappealing lawn areas into spaces that are both attractive and functional. A durable new retaining wall will provide you with years of enjoyment.
    At Ajay’s Nursery, we also provide professional patio and deck building services with designs that range from simple to sophisticated. Having a deck installed is the perfect extension to your structure and is ideal for entertaining or just relaxing. When hiring us as your deck builder, you'll receive quality construction using the best materials available.
    For all of your backyard landscape improvement needs, look no further than Ajay’s Nursery for affordable solutions in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville and Fishers. For fast and reliable service, please give us a call today at (317) 897-8431.

    Landscape Lighting

    Beautiful Landscape
    Lighting in Indianapolis

    ​The addition of landscape lighting can make any yard more attractive, and the Indianapolis landscapers of Ajay’s Nursery can install illumination that's functional and tasteful. Outdoor lighting systems also provide extra security while enhancing the value of your property. Whether you have a small residence or large estate, we'd be happy to put our experience in exterior lighting to work for you.
    If you've grown tired of a dark driveway or unsafe sidewalk at night, we can solve these problems. Our installers are knowledgeable on all aspects of outside lighting, including transformers, fixtures and hardware. We offer a wide range of lighting products that feature innovative designs to illuminate your architectural elements, walkways or water features.

    We Light Up Your Outdoor Space

    At Ajay’s Nursery, we're committed to helping homeowners achieve the best look from their outdoor lights. The right lighting can create attractive spaces for entertaining as well as highlight key areas of your lawn or garden landscape. We'll recommend quality equipment so that you can receive the best energy savings, value and product life. Our specialists will also be pleased to assist you with the initial planning of your lighting project.
    There are a wide variety of solar and standard lighting choices to consider when creating a lighting concept to compliment your landscape design. Many clients choose lights that provide the most illumination and dramatic effects but with safety benefits in mind. Low-voltage lamps are energy efficient, require less maintenance, are easy to install and produce more lighting than standard bulbs. To learn more about lighting options for your landscaping in Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Noblesville, Zionsville or Fishers, give us a call today at (317) 897-8431.